About Richard Johnson Shoe Man

In 1994, our Fall River office was open to help people with foot problems and diabetes. Coming from Brockton, Massachusetts and working in shoe factories, I made shoes and was educated in fitting the different shaped feet and arches that people have.

Medical studies show that 90% of people with foot pain and damage are wearing shoes too short and too wide. Our Fitting Program teaches folks their correct size and naturally stretches their feet out to their natural shape. Our all leather shoes are nice-looking, fit all shapes and each pair has built-in supports.

The following foot problems are corrected in a short time span:

  • Heel pain
  • Metatarsal burning pain
  • Corns and callouses heal
  • Ingrown toenails heal
  • Curved feet stretch out  – reduces heel pain
  • Balance improves dramatically as you are now walking on your toes

As not all podiatrists and orthopedists are trained about shoes and fit, Richard Johnson Shoe Man is filling that need. Let us help you by calling our office at 508-672-0334 for an appointment. We will check your feet and show you how you can be helped.

We carry many brands including New Balance, Alden, Neil M Footwear, Lowa and Asics.