Kerry Palaiologos

I wanted to write a little note to say thank you so much for helping me with finding my true shoe size, and with the pain in both of my feet.

My feet have been bothering me for so many years, especially my right foot, and once you fit me with the proper size, the pain has barely been noticeable. I have always walked with my right foot facing out toward two o’clock, as soon as I put on my correct size, my foot has already moved to the one o’clock position. I could not believe that it happened immediately WOW!

My knees are feeling better too. I look forward to having my feet go back to the normal anatomical position, and thank you for putting the arches in my shoes to help with that process.

Your customer service is excellent and you are full of such knowledge, it is amazing. I’m so happy I have met you, and I look forward to finding some sassy, correct fitting, comfortable shoes to wear out with my husband, and while I chase around my three children. I cannot wait for next season’s tall winter boots to come out, so I can find just the right pair for me, with your help.

Thanks again,
Kerry Palaiologos