Steve Morash

I came to your store looking for a pair of golf shoes. My left foot was in pain from a previous round of golf and I had to throw out my current pair. On the advice of my sister-in-law Robin, I walked into your oasis.

The next round was cathartic and serendipitous. After discussing my lack of proper fitting and ill sized shoes, you began your magic and my feet began a transformation. It is a day I have not forgotten or regretted.

My right knee was replaced two years ago and I was advised that my left knee was not very far behind. You looked at my feet and legs said you could help with the proper fit of shoes. You got rid of my “wide” shoes that I had been wearing for over twenty years and moved me into a twelve and a half with the proper width.

I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I look great in my new shoes, I feel great. No pain in my left knee!

As you have told me more than once, it all starts with a good foundation. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve told my friends about A Proper Fit. While at first they seem doubtful, by the end of my story they are amazed. It’s hard to argue with success.

Thanks for your help and sage advice. My wife calls you “the Foot Whisperer”. Who could disagree.

Many thanks,
Steve Morash